Book Back to You

    Book Details:
  • Author : Chris Scully
  • Publisher : Riptide Publishing
  • Release : 2017-06-12
  • ISBN : 1626495742
  • Pages : pages

Download or read Back to You PDF, written by Chris Scully and published by Riptide Publishing. This book was released on 2017-06-12 with total page pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt:

Book Forward Me Back to You

    Book Details:
  • Author : Mitali Perkins
  • Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
  • Release : 2019-04-02
  • ISBN : 0374304939
  • Pages : 256 pages

Download or read Forward Me Back to You PDF, written by Mitali Perkins and published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR). This book was released on 2019-04-02 with total page 256 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The award-winning author of You Bring the Distant Near explores identity, homecoming, and the legacy of assault in this personal and ambitious new novel. Katina King is the reigning teen jujitsu champion of Northern California, but she’s having trouble fighting off the secrets in her past. Robin Thornton was adopted from an orphanage in India and is reluctant to take on his future. If he can’t find his roots, how can he possibly plan ahead? Robin and Kat meet in the most unlikely of places—a summer service trip to Kolkata to work with survivors of human trafficking. As bonds build between the travelmates, Robin and Kat discover that justice and healing are tangled, like the pain of their pasts and the hope for their futures. You can’t rewind life; sometimes you just have to push play. In turns heart wrenching, beautiful, and buoyant, Mitali Perkins's Forward Me Back to You focuses its lens on the ripple effects of violence—across borders and generations—and how small acts of heroism can break the cycle. This title has Common Core connections.

Book The Way Back to You

    Book Details:
  • Author : Sharon Sala
  • Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
  • Release : 2019-12-31
  • ISBN : 1492673722
  • Pages : 352 pages

Download or read The Way Back to You PDF, written by Sharon Sala and published by Sourcebooks, Inc.. This book was released on 2019-12-31 with total page 352 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: "Sharon Sala's Blessings, Georgia series is filled with unforgettable charm and delight!"—ROBYN CARR, #1 New York Times bestselling author What do you do when your whole life is turned upside down? Sully Raines sets out to find his birth mother, and ends up in Blessings, Georgia. A new surprise awaits him here, but of the best kind—his childhood sweetheart, whom he hasn't seen since she moved away when they were teens, is living in Blessings now. He's not sure she's as happy to see him as he is to see her, but it's been a lot of years, and a lot of water under the bridge... Sully's heartfelt search for answers about his past might just turn out to be the key to his future... The Blessings, Georgia Series: You and Only You (Book 1) I'll Stand by You (Book 2) Saving Jake (Book 3) A Piece of My Heart (Book 4) The Color of Love (Book 5) Come Back to Me (Book 6) Forever My Hero (Book 7) A Rainbow Above Us (Book 8) The Way Back to You (Book 9) Praise for Sharon Sala: "Sharon Sala is a consummate storyteller. Her skills shine in her Blessings, Georgia series. If you can stop reading then you're a better woman than me."—DEBBIE MACOMBER, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author "Blessings sure sounds like a great place to put down roots. Enjoy!"—Fresh Fiction "You cannot go wrong with a book by Sharon Sala!"—RT Book Reviews "Will bring a tear to your eye and put a smile in your heart."—Harlequin Junkie for The Color of Love

Book Working My Way Back to You

    Book Details:
  • Author : Doreen Alsen
  • Publisher : The Wild Rose Press Inc
  • Release : 2015-01-23
  • ISBN : 162830734X
  • Pages : 330 pages

Download or read Working My Way Back to You PDF, written by Doreen Alsen and published by The Wild Rose Press Inc. This book was released on 2015-01-23 with total page 330 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Beth and her ten-year-old son are living happily in Lobster Cove, Maine--the only place she's felt true love. She works hard as a single mom to provide for her son. Her world is rocked by the appearance of her high school sweetheart. Love for Jeff battles with fear that he will find out he's the father of her precious son. Lies pile upon lies as she dodges his questions about the child. PE teacher Jeff Myers can't believe his eyes when he spots a familiar face in the diner. Though the beautiful Beth ducks his advances, his persistence finally wins out and she agrees to a dinner date. But when he discovers she gave birth to a son rather than the daughter she'd told him about, he is over-the-top angry. Can they escape the quagmire of emotions, rediscover love, and bring three people together as a family?

Book Then I ll Come Back to You

Download or read Then I ll Come Back to You PDF, written by Larry Evans and published by DigiCat. This book was released on 2022-09-16 with total page 292 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "Then I'll Come Back to You" by Larry Evans. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.

Book I ll Get Back to You

    Book Details:
  • Author : Robert L. Shook
  • Publisher : McGraw-Hill Companies
  • Release : 1996
  • ISBN :
  • Pages : 212 pages

Download or read I ll Get Back to You PDF, written by Robert L. Shook and published by McGraw-Hill Companies. This book was released on 1996 with total page 212 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: At one time or another, every one faces the challenge of advancing past an unresponsive gatekeeper and getting his or her message across to real decision makers. Now they can use over 200 field-proven strategies for converting any telephone into a powerful sales ally that gets people to return calls and produces skyrocketing sales. National print ads, media.

Book Dead To You

    Book Details:
  • Author : Lisa McMann
  • Publisher : Scholastic UK
  • Release : 2013-05-01
  • ISBN : 1407138219
  • Pages : 288 pages

Download or read Dead To You PDF, written by Lisa McMann and published by Scholastic UK. This book was released on 2013-05-01 with total page 288 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Ethan was abducted when he was just seven. Now, aged sixteen, he's finally back home. It's a miracle - at first. But as the tensions build and his family starts to crack again, can Ethan unearth the buried memory that holds the key to it all?


    Book Details:
  • Author : David Gomadza
  • Publisher : David Gomadza
  • Release :
  • ISBN :
  • Pages : 384 pages

Download or read EVELINA PDF, written by David Gomadza and published by David Gomadza. This book was released on with total page 384 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: A suspenseful romantic action-packed thriller. A gorgeous young lady turned Most Wanted. A romantic trip and a love to die for. A hidden secret. An evil brutal regime practicing a cult they believe existed even before God created the world. Until the regime is stopped life is on the line. A must read. ABOUT THE SERIES EVELINA A secret cult that existed even before this world was created is still at the center of murder a thousand years later. A ruthless regime is using this cult to run rampage and havoc. A corrupt and evil world where murder is the norm. A place so dark and scary where they all come out in numbers where they are slaughtered in thousands. A place where they are naked:-no rights, hopes, or anything to hang on to. A place where the only hope and courage is the heart-engraved-belief that someone will solve God's Dilemma and rise to save humanity. A pledge to fight to the death because the sole existence of the regime is to restore the lost kingdom of darkness at humanity's expense. Where restoring it means slaughtering two-thirds of the world's population in 48 hours known as the 48 Hours of Darkness. It's a story of great courage in the face of death. The rise of Tomorrow's World Order citing the system as the root of all evil setting a collision course with the regime. The suspenseful questions are when and of what magnitude will the collision be and the devastating outcome? Will the regime allow a system change? Where stakes are high and the regime will defend the system at any cost will they succeed and at what cost? How can mankind survive the most feared devil's ghosts? Are you to be the lucky few to be spared in the 48 hours of darkness? Is mankind doomed or there is hope? What is God's Dilemma and can it really be solved? Unless God's Dilemma is solved mankind is doomed. A race against time where it's a matter of life or death for the strongest men let alone for Evelina caught up in all this. Will she survive the greatest manhunt since the world was created with everyone after her with the most powerful man demanding her too? Only one way to find out. Get this book right now.

Book Back To 80s  Husband  You Are Under Arrest

Download or read Back To 80s Husband You Are Under Arrest PDF, written by Jian XiaoYin and published by Funstory. This book was released on 2020-05-03 with total page pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Ning woke up and returned to the 1980s.The first thing she did was change her marriage partner. As a result, the trajectory of her life had completely changed. Since the young nurse became the wealthiest girl, her life had become more prosperous ... But, if the husband was too powerful after marriage, what could he do? "Lu Qingyao, when we got married, we made three rules. You're not allowed to touch each other, otherwise we'll get a divorce." A certain someone replied in all seriousness, "I won't allow it." Oh, he was probing the edge of divorce again!

Book You Can Get Your Love Back  Proven Ways to Stop Break Up and Win Back the Love of Your Life

Download or read You Can Get Your Love Back Proven Ways to Stop Break Up and Win Back the Love of Your Life PDF, written by Jacob E. William and published by This book was released on 2013-09-20 with total page 36 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Everybody suffers when the love of their life decides to walk out on them. The pain they feel is inexplicable and cannot be felt from those who have never experienced their pain. So what are you left with when that happens? You feel that you and your ex had a special relationship together and that the breakup happened from a careless mistake. You want to get back with your ex and you want to apologize to them. However, none of what you've done has worked. Maybe you've doing something wrong, or maybe you've not approaching the situation properly. You want your ex to come back to you, but you don't know the proper way to do it. You want to produce results, but all your attempts have been useless. So what are you left to do? In this book, we will take a good look on the methods that you can take into getting your ex back into your life. Don't worry much about having to look for answers from different sources. This book will explain everything.

Book Your Beagle Puppy Month by Month

Download or read Your Beagle Puppy Month by Month PDF, written by Terry Albert and published by Penguin. This book was released on 2017-01-10 with total page 368 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Your Beagle Puppy Month by Month, written by a veterinarian, a trainer, and a breeder team, provides readers with everything they need to know and do at each stage of development to make sure their playful, energetic puppy grows into a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted companion. Coverage includes information on what to ask the breeder before bringing your puppy home, the necessary vaccinations your puppy needs and when to get them, and when a trip to the vet is needed. Also included: + Instructions on making potty training as smooth (and quick) as possible. + Discussion on why and how to crate train and what to do when your puppy cries at night. + Knowing when to teach your puppy is ready to learn basic commands and how to go about leash training. + Socialization: why it's necessary, when it should happen, and how to make sure it does. + Exercising and feeding your puppy appropriately to ensure he stays physically and mentally healthy. + When your puppy is ready for obedience training and how to make sure it works. + How and how often to bathe your puppy, brush his coat, clip his nails, and brush his teeth. + What causes problem behaviors, when to expect them, and how to correct them.

Book Harlequin Western Romance January 2017 Box Set

Download or read Harlequin Western Romance January 2017 Box Set PDF, written by Patricia Thayer and published by Harlequin. This book was released on 2017-01-01 with total page 224 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Romance—the Western way! Harlequin Western Romance brings you a collection of four new heartwarming contemporary romances of everyday women finding love. Available now! This box set includes: HER COLORADO SHERIFF Newly hired as interim sheriff of Hidden Springs, Colorado, Cullen Brannigan plans to move into a house on the family ranch…except he finds it’s already occupied by Shelby Townsend and her five-year-old nephew! A VALENTINE FOR THE COWBOY Sapphire Mountain Cowboys • by Marie Ferrarella Rancher Eli Clayton is raising his little fourteen-month-old daughter, Libby. When he sees her happily ensconced in the arms of a beautiful stranger, he begins to wonder if his daughter needs a mommy…and if he needs a wife! THE BULL RIDER'S COWGIRL Men of Raintree Ranch • by April Arrington When easy-living bull rider Colt Mead becomes his young sister’s guardian, he needs Jen Taylor’s help. But it will take more than friendship to convince the determined barrel racer to give up her race for glory. RODEO FATHER by Mary Sullivan Cowboy Travis Read has always been a loner. But when he meets Rachel McGuire, the pregnant widow and her daughter make him believe being part of a family might be possible after all!

Book The Breakup Guide   Female Editon

    Book Details:
  • Author : Decarlos Stewart
  • Publisher : stewart publishing
  • Release : 2014-09-11
  • ISBN : 0983655421
  • Pages : pages

Download or read The Breakup Guide Female Editon PDF, written by Decarlos Stewart and published by stewart publishing. This book was released on 2014-09-11 with total page pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Breaking up with a person is never an easy or fun thing to do. There is a lot of emotion that is associated with it and tends to lend itself to a great amount of stress for a person. Knowing when it is time to call it quits and how to go about this will be an important part of the breakup process. Many men and women are not skilled enough to know the things that need to be done when going through the process of a breakup. While it is not always possible to have your very own love expert there to walk you through the process. Having articles that you can refer to will be the next best thing for a person. Often just the slightest word of encouragement will be all that a person needs to get them through the tough times that will lie ahead of them. The Break Up Guide Can Help From the telling a person that things are over all the way to the point of the getting over the breakup there has to be a system that is in place that will allow them the chance to get through the tough times and allow them to see that you will get past the hurt feelings and that you have the power to be one of the strongest people around. Taking advice from people that have been there will make the entire process seem a lot more doable and will not allow a person the chance to lose their nerve to do the hard job of breaking up with a man or woman as well as give them the strength that they need to survive the fallout of the breakup. Let The Break Up Guide Help! Please Visit

Book The Truth We Chase

    Book Details:
  • Author : Carl Richards
  • Publisher : Carl Richards
  • Release : 2020-04-13
  • ISBN :
  • Pages : 232 pages

Download or read The Truth We Chase PDF, written by Carl Richards and published by Carl Richards. This book was released on 2020-04-13 with total page 232 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: When Joseph Joshua Ryebank (JJ) moved to America he brought three things with him; his possessions, his girlfriend and... a secret. Fast forward four years. JJ has a successful career in New York; a wide circle of friends, more money than he could have ever imagined and his past life in England has been consigned to history. That is until one day when, out of the blue, an email arrives from his childhood friend Jill, who he hasn't seen for seventeen years. She wants to meet. This leaves JJ with a dilemma as their past and his secret are intertwined. Was the email just to rekindle their friendship or is he being lured back because others know his secret too? His decision to return to England was his first mistake. What will he do with his new life now that he has his old life back?

Book Thanks to My Killer Wife

    Book Details:
  • Author : Muhammad Raza
  • Publisher : Author House
  • Release : 2013-07-30
  • ISBN : 1491801182
  • Pages : 458 pages

Download or read Thanks to My Killer Wife PDF, written by Muhammad Raza and published by Author House. This book was released on 2013-07-30 with total page 458 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: A middle-aged widow, commuter of Amsterdam goes to Pakistan and weds a gentleman. Soon as the groom arrives into The Netherlands for a family reunion, he shockingly discovers in her a spoilt woman. The man tries to save his bond of marriage but the wronged woman neither wants to be tamed due to aspects of love, nor does she co-operate. Instead, she rather wants her man to close his eyes and to shut up his mouth if ever he wishes to become a legitimate resident in her country. The egoist man doesnt compromise on self-respect of a saintly husband and thus is thrown out into streets quite empty-handed and undocumented. Then he gets afraid of going back to his homeland predicting a social ridiculous. Years passed in such a dreary and stoned life-style that one day the city police arrests him against his unlawful status and surrenders him to the foreign police who when fails to deport, sets him free like a squeezed lemon after he having served a years custodial sentence. The author describes how a few Asian immigrants and their spoiled descendants who once get settled into the Western states . forget about their past of struggling. . trap and bait to their own continent/ country-fellows by showing on them a false fairyland. . and try to demoralize a Western society by using its culture as a shield or weapon to fulfill their own sensual curiosity which seems difficult to meet in their own sender lands. The author also regrets to inflexibility of the constitution and rejects to the old theory nobody is above law. He urges on the law-makers must to defend on humanitarian grounds to those noble outlanders who become illegal by some accident, or by a misfortune befell on them and not by fraud or cheating like do often the professional invaders or regular tress-passers breaking into some countrys barriers. The whole story convincingly draws a picture of human courage and endurance against all odds mixed in shadow of oppression and optimism by giving an entire message never quit. A compulsively true heart saga with a positive energy_ readable, thought-provoking and enjoyable.

Book Elemental Passions

    Book Details:
  • Author : Luce Irigaray
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 2013-11-19
  • ISBN : 1136645942
  • Pages : 112 pages

Download or read Elemental Passions PDF, written by Luce Irigaray and published by Routledge. This book was released on 2013-11-19 with total page 112 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Book Angel Light Psychic Helpline

    Book Details:
  • Author : Natasha Chamberlin
  • Publisher :
  • Release : 2016-02-16
  • ISBN : 1326548638
  • Pages : 172 pages

Download or read Angel Light Psychic Helpline PDF, written by Natasha Chamberlin and published by This book was released on 2016-02-16 with total page 172 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This book is the Angel Light Psychic Development Helpline book. It is a valuable tool to carry with you from day to day. This book has everything you need to know about the mysterious psychic world. There are free psychic daily readings available in this book. There is also helpful information on crystals, Archangels and angels, numerology, spirit guides and general development questions. This book, if used properly and regularly, will become your best psychic friend and trusted companion. Each page is filled with guidance, support and new opportunities for your future development. The Angel Light Psychic School is run by Natasha Chamberlin. This school is focused on providing you with helpful and educational courses that will help you with your spiritual growth and psychic development. Natasha has spent over 5 years creating and developing the Angel Light school and all the courses. She has created course workbooks that you can use to work on your development.